Operators are constantly modernizing their networks to provide consumers with their constant need for bandwidth to
support the incredible growth in data and video use on smart devices. In most cases the upgrade requires three main
components: new antenna and lines; new base station equipment and increased connectivity.
From new site builds to rooftop installations, full tower construction to overlays or antenna modifications, HJ
Communications provides the project managers, site supervisors, civil, electrical and tower crews with the expertise to
execute with the safety and warranted quality our clients expect. All staff are skilled and proficient with the latest tools and


Construction Services

HJ Communications is a licensed general contractor, providing wireless projects with a clear understanding of the scope,
schedule and costs.
Construction services include:

  • New tower erection
  • Rooftop/water tank installations
  • Raw land site construction (caissons, spread footings, equipment pads, shelter installation)
  • Rooftop installation (platforms, structural enhancement, parapet wall modifications)
  • Concealment applications (FRP design and installation, synthetic coatings)


EF&I/Technical Services

HJ Communications technicians are manufacturer–certified and are regularly trained on new technologies and equipment
to ensure new site commissioning, change-outs and overlays are performed in compliance with stringent network
standards. We support all wireless technologies including 3G UMTS/WCDMA, 4G/WIMAX/LTE, IPBTS/Nano BTS and
has vast experience with Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Alcatel, Andrew, CERIGON FiberAir, DragonWave, Ericsson
Mini link, Aviat, Harris, E-ban OEMs.

EF&I services include:

  • BTS installation, commissioning and integration
  • ID/OD DAS implementation
  • Technology upgrade
  • Carrier add
  • Drive testing
  • E911 true position LMU
  • Full installation of tower top LTE/RRU application
  • Coax cable, hybrid or fiber trunk installation
  • Optical Fiber installation and OTDR testing
  • Tower Tiger Team to troubleshoot any faulty equipment
  • Tower audit and scoping
  • Radio harvesting and equipment decommissioning
  • Router/Switch installation and commissioning
  • TDM equipment installation and testing (T1, DS3 and Optical)


  • Powerplant installation and upgrades
  • Generator installs
  • Equipment decommissioning
  • Cell site maintenance
  • Electrical survey
  • Power supply engineering and upgrades
  • Temp power solutions
  • DC power system design and installation



HJ Communications technicians are certified experts in installing and commissioning the most vital network components
such as microwave radios and cellular base stations.

Our services include:

  • Microwave installation and commissioning
  • Link optimization and troubleshooting
  • Line of site/path analysis surveys
  • FTTx Installation and testing
  • Fiber installation, splicing and testing


Maintenance/Support Services

  • Cell site maintenance
  • Site survey & audit
  • Scoping services
  • Tower mapping
  • Equipment lay out drawings
  • Equipment storage and transportation
  • Tiger team deployment services